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All of my previous articles in this series featured products that you could purchase immeditaley elioif you choose to do so. Elio Motors in a unique case for a wide range of reasons. You can’t buy one of their cars just yet, but you should seriously consider doing so for the following reasons. 

  • They will be Made in America : Elio is in the process of buying a shuttered GM factory in Louisiana. If they are successful, they plan to hire nearly 1500 people to make their vehicles. 
  • Their car will get 84MPG on the highway: Can you believe that? 84!
  • It will cost $6800: That right for about the same price as a motorcycle you can have one of these unique looking vehicles. You could pay it off inside of a year and enjoy years off payment free use. 
  • It will have a 5 star crash test rating: This is what they claim, if it proves true that is an excellent piece of mind for any future owners. 

Now I realize that these are some bold claims and as someone who follows automotive news I can tell you that launching a new car company is almost impossible. In the last few years Mercury, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, Oldsmobile, Aptera, and Fisker all either closed, left the US market, or never opened. Only Tesla has managed to successfully bring their vehicles to market. 

Still I am an optimist and I will always root for the innovator. Elio Motors made me rethink the notion of transportation. Does my family really need two full sized cars? What if we had one SUV for weekend and family use and another for commuting and small chores?

What if I had an Elio? A three wheeled two seater that gets great gas milage? I could pay off the $6800 price tag in about a year and have one less monthly bill to worry about. Since the car would be so cheap and have a 5 start crash test rating, my insurance would be very low as well. No car payment, spending less on gas and insurance. This concept has certainly got me thinking.

I am sure some people might not like the radical look of the car or its cockpit style of seating, driver in the front, passenger in the back. For me they are rather intriguing, but come second to the idea of saving so much money. When I add it up I could save about $550 a month by switching from my current car to an Elio. In fact I could probably sell my car and use most of the left over money to buy an Elio. That’s like giving myself a $6000 a year raise, every year!

Now the jury is still out, Elio has to deliver a car, but they already have over 8000 reservations.  This is a very exciting car, keep and eye out for it in the future and let’s hope for the best. 

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