Why Rent (Your Modem) When You Can Own?

Life has taught me a great deal of lessons. One of the most important is this: “Read the fine print!”. Don’t just look at the total on a bill, examine what got it to that level.  Check each line and try to find ways to eliminate unnecessary charges. Some charges might seems insignificant, but take a step back and multiply that number by 12. That might sway your opinion a bit. 

A perfect example of this is your cable bill. For a lot of us, a cable bill isn’t just about cable anymore. Now it includes your internet connection and in some cases your phone. Lots of charges in their, but one of them is particularly irksome. Your cable modem rental fee. On average it’s around 7 bucks. modemI’ve seen it as high as 8 and as low as 4, but the majority of people are probably paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $7. So annually you are out of pocket about $84. What is that to you? What could 84 dollars buy? Two tanks of gas? Dinner and a movie? A new pair of boots?

What about buying a cable modem? How much does that cost? Well I did some search and a very popular, well reviewed, basic cable modem sells for $43.34 on Amazon right now. They claim that this “Motorola Surfboard” modem works with most cable providers(call then to make certain) and should takes minutes to set up. 

After six months of ownership this modem will pay for it self in money saved on rental fees. From that point on its all savings. Imagine of you owned this modern for 3 years? Rental cost over that time would set you back about $250. Subtract out the cost of buying your own modem and you are saving over $200 during that same period. A rudy sum to be sure. 

For a small up front cost and a few minutes of effort your could save yourself hundreds of dollars in the years ahead. Stop renting your modem from the cable company and buy your own. 

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