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I lost my gloves. We had a blizzard last Tuesday, I was wearing them then and as I trace my steps that were my search stops. Normally I would just ride it out, expecting that sooner or later, they will turn up. The trouble is that, by some measures, this is the coldest winter in over a century. Until last month I didn’t even know what a polar vortex even was. Now I still don’t know what they are but my state keeps getting hit by them and another one is one the way. 

Bottom line, I need gloves. If you are in the same boat you should consider buying another pair from the “Sullivan Glove Company”. Founded in 1941 and based in Oregon, the “Sullivan Glove Company” employees 15 men and women who create hand made gloves for customers all over the world. Theses aren’t flimsy, cheap, mass produced gloves that you wear a few times and toss. They are quality made gloves, hand made by craftsman using some of the highest quality materials available. 

They offer gloves for multiple activities. For my needs I glovesthink the Sierra gloves would serve me well. The site claims that they offer maximum winter protection as well as flexibility. To me there is nothing worse then gloves that limit my ability to hold or lift something. What’s the point of having gloves if you have to take them off to do anything? I appreciate the durability and flexibility that the Sierra gloves seem to offer. 

At $55 a pair they may seem expensive as you sit in a warm house all cozy in front of your computer. When you are out there in your second hour of shoveling the accumulations of the latest blizzard you will see that it was money well spend. You will be grateful for your American made gloves and to the craftsman that made them. 

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