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I’ve written about BillCutterz in the past, now I want to provide a first hand account of their service. billcutterzFor those of you who might not be familiar with BillCutterz, they are a bill negotiation service. They contact any of the service providers that you already use and try to haggle down your bill. If they are successful, you agree to split the savings with them. This is a great service for people who are too busy for or just don’t like dealing with customer service reps. They offer a better deal for you without any of that irritating on hold Muzak.

Since I live in an apartment and plan to buy a house shortly, I am not an ideal candidate for this service at this time. My buddy George, the owner of a two family home in Poughkeepsie is and he agreed to give the BillCutterz people a shot.  

He contacted them and they replied in short order, they began in e-mail exchanges and that progressed into a phone conversation. The rep told George that since it was winter they probably wouldn’t get a good deal on natural gas or electricity rates.  They agreed to table that until spring or summer. She reviewed his cell phone bill and made some suggestions, but the changes to the plan, particularly the data plan were not appealing options to George. 

They settled on the cable and internet bills. The whole thing took a little longer then normal because George was not that comfortable handing over all of his personal information. He opted to conference call with the cable company and told the rep that BillCutterz was negotiating on his behalf.  With all of the identify theft going on in the world, I can’t say I blame him for being cautious. 

In short order the BillCutterz Rep came back with the deal. They could save him $22.76 on his monthly cable bill and $15.43 on his tenants internet bill.  His yearly saving would be $458.28 combined and BillCutterz fee would be half. They offered him a discount if he agreed to pay in full up front. With the discount their fee was $206.23.

When all was said and done George will save $252 over the course of the year, that’s about $21 a month!

He said he enjoy the service and for the most part was satisfied. George said he plans to return in the spring and see what they can do for his electricity and natural gas bills. He estimates that those bills run him around 3500 dollars a year so a 15% reduction could save him hundreds of dollars. 

From George’s experience BillCutterz seems like an effective way to reduce your monthly bills and is certainly work a look. 

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