Got Extra Time? Have an Opinion? Need Cash?

According to a recent Nielsen survey, the average American spends 34 hours a week watching TV. Think about that. That means that they spend almost as much time watching television as they do working. Of the seven days in a week, the average American spends over one of them watching TV. It boggles the mind.

I make this point to suggest that most of us have extra time in our day and how you use it can make a huge difference. What if you took 14 of those TV watching hours, two a day, and put them towards an activity that could put a little money in your pocket. I am referring to online surveys. Sites that will pay you to give your opinion on various topics. A few bucks here a few there and before you know it you are making some serious cash.

I want to demonstrate the possibilities with a few sites, I have tried to do this before, but in the months leading up to my wedding spare time was in short supply. Now, a new year, big plans, lets see how much money I can make with my opinions. Here are the 5 sites that I plan to use:

  • SwagBucks: I really like this site, it gives you multiple ways to earn points or “SwagBucks” swagbucksas the site likes to call them. You can watch videos, answer surveys, try free samples of products. Each activity has a value associated with it. The only downside is that many of the activities only offer on or two points as a rewards, but if you really put your mind to it I am sure you could earn  a lot of “Swagbucks” in a very short amount of time.  Once you accumulate enough Swagbucks you can redeem them for rewards. You can even get cash when you select the Payapl option, 2500 SwagBucks gets you $25. I think that for most people this is a very achievable monthly goal. 
  • Opinion Place: I love this site! opinion placeOf all the opinion websites I have used so far this one is the best. Why? Simplicity. They offer you one survey every few days, you do it and you get paid. No points or 25 cent surveys. Today I did a 5 dollars survey, it took a few minutes and I was done. I choose the Paypal option for payment. You can also choose Amazon e-gift cards or America Airlines miles. I expect to ear between $8- $20 a month with this site. 
  • MySurvey:  They have a lot of surveys,mysurvey but lately I haven’t been able to qualify for that many of them. It is a little frustrating. That being said the layout of the site is very easy to use and they are the only one on this list that offers a mobile app. They offer several payout options including Paypal. I can’t say how much I expect to earn on this site at the moment, I guess I will have to figure that out as I go.
  • BigSpot:  I just joined this site, I was awarded $5 for doing so. I like that. They offer a large section of survey, but you have to be fast. Once the survey fills up it closes  and you are out of luck. They have two primary ways of big spotpaying you out Amazon gift cards and Paypal cash. I suspect that I should be able to earn about $25 a month on this site. 
  • e-Rewards – This site is a mix of bad and good. erewards logoThey have plenty of surveys and I often qualify for them, but the redemption of your cash is weird. By weird I mean kind of a rip off, like buying a $10 Best Buy gift card with $30 e-reward dollars. I am going to give them a chance and see how this plays out. 

So by my rough calculation I should be able to earn around $125.oo a month with these five sites or over 1000 bucks annually. This is money I could use for investments, to pay for a vacation, or buy Christmas gifts at the end of you year. You could use it to pay down debt or as seed money for your own small business.  It has the potential to be an additional revenue stream for you or I. All we need to do is to take some of that TV time and put it to better use. 

I will up date my progress in a month. Wish me luck. 

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  • Kreward

    I personally love Swagbucks myself, I’ve been using it for about 3 years now and have earned over $200 and I hardly ever use it consistently which I think is a fairly decent return on sites like that. I also use MyPoints and Inbox Dollars and have earned as much on those as I have on Swagbucks. It makes for some nice extra cash for small things.

    I use several other rewards sites and apps but I usually try to specify what I want to use one for depending on what rewards they offer. For example, with the Shopkick app I earn points when scanning products and simply walking into stores. They have many rewards but the one that interests me the most is the Best Buy gift card. The gift cards are usually of varying price ranges so I am saving my points to redeem one in the $50 price range to use towards a simple Kindle reader. Therefore, my Shopkick app is only there to help fund the Kindle I want. I have a few others that I use like that for various things like groceries, etc. It makes it easier to manage the apps and sites for me and I don’t get so overwhelmed with all the options each one offers.

    Also, thanks so much for recommending BigSpot and Opinion Place. I have seen commercials and ads for those but hadn’t heard any good reviews from a real person. I signed up for both because of your recommendation!