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I used to be a big Priceline guy. Pick a town, pick your hotel rating, and name your price. I would get 80-100 dollar hotels for 50 bucks. I loved it, but I knew I was rolling the dice. Most time I would get a great hotel. Occasionally I would get a less desirable accommodation. This could be a bit stressful, especially when I was planning a trip for friends.

Enter Groupon, you don’t get to choose a price, but the deals are pretty good and you get to see exactly what you are angling to buy.  Most people seem to know about Groupon, when I mention that I use it they seem interested, but for some reason they don’t commit to it. I’m guessing you are in this group. Try it!

It costs you nothing to look. Sign up takes mere minutes. You can check out deals on vacations, food, beauty services, goods, concerts, exercise programs. Everyday they seem to add something new.

I’ve personally bought two hair cuts, teeth whitening, and a weekend getaway to New Hampshire that the future bride and I really enjoyed. For me the trick is persistence and flexibility.  Let’s say you want to visit Boston for a three day trip in October. This is very doable, just sign in a few times a week and go to the getaways section. Sooner or later the odds are pretty good that a deal or two in Boston will pop up and you can grab it. You buy the Groupon, print it and present it at the hotel.

I believe that its always a good idea to try new things, especially when there’s a deal to be had.

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