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Going out or brown bagging it? This is the great debate of work place dining. I’ll admit it, most of the time I go out. It probably cost me around $125+ a month or about $1500 a year! Bringing my own lunch would save me about $900 a year!  It’s my last wasteful habit and something I am working on. 

bento ware logoTo aid me in that goal I certainly could use a few of the products that “Laptop Lunches” offers. Their lunchboxes are made from BPA free, lead free, recycled plastic right here in America. They are microwave in dishwasher safe, built to last, and when they finally do reach the end of their usefulness can be recycled once again.

You can use their products with the piece of mind that you are not polluting your food with chemicals that can leach in from toxic plastics that  foreign made containers sometimes use. “Laptop Lunches” is a company that values quality and responsibility.

For my own personal use I think the Bistro Bento Box 2.0 would serve me best. The large sandwich size container could for almost all of my meals and the size containers could how condiments or veggies. Gotta eat those vegetables.  

bistro bento boxA box like this should give you the flexibility to alter your daily menu choices and avoid the monotony that most people often associate with packing your own meal. One day I can have chicken parm, the next a sandwich, after that make some pasta and meat sauce. Some days I use the microwave, other not, this products can accommodate whatever I might thrown at it.

If you are getting annoyed at the amount of money you are wasting dining out at work, you should probably consider “brown bagging” it with a Bento box from Laptop Lunches”

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