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The official winter season is only a few days old, but a large portion of the country has been getting slammed with some pretty bad storms. I still remember something a friend of mine told me, he said “You know you’re an adult when snow stops being fun”. Man was he right. You have to shovel it, and scrape it off your car, and drive in it. A healthy snow storm can take even the most simple tasks and make them impossible.

Of course any problem is manageable as long as you have the right equipment. This is true of something as simple as floor mat for your car or truck. When the weather gets bad, the right floor mats are crucial. Cloth floor mats can be a disaster. You hop into your car, your boots covered in snow, you turn on the heater and what do you get? Wet mats. Soggy, smelly, germy mats that fill your vehicle with a musk odor that lasts for days.

matsYou need rubber mats designed and engineered to fit your vehicle and I imagine you would have a hard time trying to find a set of weather proof mats built any better then those offered by WeatherTech.

Their mats are designed and engineered for your specific make and model. These are not some generic one size fits all mats. They are precision made using “digital fit” technology to fit perfectly in your car or truck.

If you are extra messy you might want to upgrade to their “floor liner” mats. They extend beyond the borders of  the mats and protect up the side walls of your floor area. A great idea for those of you who work or play in the mud.

Weather Tech offers a 10 year limited warranty on their mats. When you see them in action you can see why, these are sturdy well built American made products that should last you probably almost as long as your car.

A set of mats will set you back around 100 dollars depending on the size of your vehicle. A small investment to preserve your rug and keep mud and water from messing up your vehicle. 

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