Made in the U.S.A. Monday – It’s Not Too Late to Give an “American Made” Christmas Present

Less than two shopping days before Christmas! Is your list done? Did you get everyone? Are you sure? 

This was one of the shortest Christmas shopping seasons in recent memory. If you weren’t nimble you may have gotten caught with an unfinished Christmas list. You could do it the old way, rush down to the mall, fight for a parking spot, fight the crowds, wait on line, search desperately for something that you think you loved ones might like. That certainly is an option. I wouldn’t advise it, but you can go down that road. 

The alternative? Gift cards! Printable, e-mailable gift cards! As easy as reading the words on this screen, you can give the gift of gift cards. You have thousands of options,aacc but I would like to recommend one, “All American Clothing Company”. I have bought clothing from them for years in fact almost all of my jean come from them and I have never been disappointed. 

They were founded in 2002 and have been growing and expanding ever since, a true “Made in the USA” success story. Every time I visit their site I always find something new. 

Please visit their site and look around, if you find a few things for people on your list, buy a gift certificate

Wearing something that says “Made in the USA” on the label is a great feeling and a fantastic gift, trust me.  The clock is ticking, but you still have time. 

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