Free AppleBee’s Dessert and Appetizer on Your Birthday

Anyone with a birthday this close to Christmas has my sympathies. All the hustle and bustle, and your special day gets overshadowed and lost in the mix. 

While I can’t do anything to fix your predicament I can ease the pain with an offer of free food on your birthday. abeesAll you have to do is join AppleBee’s e-mail club, the sign up takes a few seconds. Once you do make sure you print out your coupon with your member ID and bring it to your local AppleBees restaurant. You get a Free appetizer when you purchase and entree and of course you also get the free desert. I hope a “Chocolate chip cookie sundae” or “Triple Chocolate Meltdown”  will add some delicious happiness to you birthday. At least you can have a few moments of joy before you open up all those Christmas/Birthday combo presents from your cheapskate friends and relatives. 

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