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My apologies for the late post, I had one of those unplanned couch naps that extended until this morning. 

Do you remember when the Mach 3 first popped up on your TV? It was such a revolutionary idea, three blades instead of two? Wow! Every guy I knew went out and got one, myself included. Then someone came up with the four blade razor. I gave it a try. Then a five blade razor? Now you are just being silly. If the past is any indication, I am quite certain that the world won’t have to wait very long for a six blade razor.

Along with this blade count arms race came a massive price increase. These days it is common for you to spend about $20 for a five packs of razors. That lasts me about a month. So I am paying around 200 bucks a year for razors. That is a bit pricey for my tastes. 

Taking a step back I have to ask is it even worth it? Are three blades really better than one? Have we been conned? Why can’t I just take more strokes? What if my single blade razor has a sharper or better blade?  These are questions that I have been contemplating for a few weeks now. 

My grandfather used a single blade razor, it seemed to work just fine for him. Perhaps I should give it a try. Instead of buying disposable plastic razors I plan on buying a metal one. A razor handle that could last me decades.  Cheaper for me, and better for the environment. 

I researched all of the single blade safety razor makers and found that many of them are made by British and German companies, but a few American start ups are making a name for themselves in this field. american razorOne of them is Tradere. Headquartered in Nevada, Tradere razors are gaining a reputation for their excellent handle design and the quality of their shaves. I found a bunch of strong reviews for theses razors from several blogs and shaving sites.  

An open comb safety razor from Tradere cost $169. This might seem steep, but remember most of us are probably spending 200 dollars on disposable razors. This fine handle with a 100 packs of single razor blades  should only set you back about $190 and will last you two years before you have to buy more razor blades. By the beginning of the second year of ownership you are saving over $20 a month. 

Most importantly the handle could potentially last you the rest of your life. All you will be left to pay for is $6-8 dollars a year for razor blades. The upfront investment might seem a bit high, but the payout will last decades. 

As someone who loves American made quality I have put a Tradere razor on my Christmas list, let’s hope Santa brings me one. 

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