A Drink on the House

I am a fan of Hess gas stations, I have explained why in the past. Essentially I find them to be cleaner, nicer, and more customer friendly then any of their competition and the fact that they gave me FREE Yankee tickets didn’t hurt either. 

All of that aside, I am also a huge fan of their app. It offers great deals on candy and food at the HessMart store and it gives me a free soda on my birthday. Some times it gives me free stuff for no reason at all. 

The other day I was filling up my work vehicle and I decided to check in, just for the heck of it. BriskI opened up the Hess am and tapped away. Then out of nowhere up pops a coupon for a FREE 24 ounce Brisk Iced Tea. Boom, a free beverage for me! 

I grabbed my drink, tapped my coupon, the clerk scanned it, and I walked out with a free drink. The Hess App, goat love it.

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