Made in America Cyber Monday – 3 American Made Christmas Gift Ideas

Any ones who reads this site can tell that supporting American made businesses is very important to us. I believe that buying item made in America pumps money it those small business and their local economies and eventually, as those companies succeed they hire more people at better wages and so on and so on. Let’s say that Americans are going to spend a trillion dollars this year on holiday shopping. What if we spent 20% off that and American made gifts? That would be 200 billion dollars that would be paid to American companies and workers, some of it would be collect in taxes,  and some would be invested in growing those businesses.  That is real positive change and it starts with you. With that in mind here are 3 gift ideas that you might want to consider.

  1. My Very Own CardBoard HousemyveryownhouseI am a big fan of this gift. Kids love cardboard boxes and this item takes it to the next level. You can buy a cottage, a castle, a pirate ship and it comes blank. Then your kids can color it in and play with it. Imagine the hours of fun your kids can have with this? Put down the iPad, turn off the TV and turn on your imagination. For $29.90 it might be the best value gift on your list. 
  2. Wolfgang CandyAmerican Made candyThe best gifts are the ones with that “wow factor”. You want to stand out. Don’t just give your loved ones candy, give them something unique. Wolfgang candy has been making delicious confections for nearly a century. They have a huge collection of offers that are sure to impress. Right now you can get one box off peanut butter kisses with your order, but act now it expires shortly. 
  3. American Personalized Products – The true sign of a great gift is thought. Vine_Coat_Hook_306When you see that someone has really gone out of their way to find that really connect with you. Here is one of those gives a beautiful forged sign, a centerpiece in any home. A sturdy well made gift that your recipient can keep for years and years. 

I hope this helps you, I will be posted more suggestions over the next two mondays.

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