A Selection of Cyber Monday Deals for You

No mall, no crowds, no shoving, no madness, just you and your computer tackling that Christmas List on “Cyber Monday”. Black Friday sales figures were a bit on the weak side so the retailers are going to be looking to make up some of that lost ground. That means better deals for you, now all you have to do is find them. I have searched across the web and I found a few ideas that might interest you.

  • Roku 2 – I bought one of these for my Mom last spring and she really enjoys it. Rocku 2This device is simple and easy to use, the interface is clean, and the streaming is excellent. Some people are big fans of the AppleTV, I have used both and in my opinion the Roku 2 is a better device. It normally sells for $99.99, but the Google Chrome has changed everything. Tigerdirect is offering a refurbished model for  $49.99 with a $10 rebate.  That means you are getting it for $39.989, 60% off. Give it as a gift or as the ultimate stocking stuffer.
  • A 40 Inch Samsung LED TV – I am a fan of brands, I put a lot of faith in a companies reputation. Some companies want to sell you these no name TV’s at shockingly low prices. I say no dice. I don’t just want a big screen I want a reliable set with a good picture. Seven years ago I bought my current 40 Inch TV (a Panasonic) for $2000 and I got it on sale! samsung 2013Now you can get great TV like this Samsung for $377.99. A solid gift for a teenager or a college student. Not quite big enough for a raging football fan or a movie lover, but an excellent gift for a gamer or average TV viewer. For that price you really can’t go wrong.
  • HP Pavilion 17 Inch Laptop – I know tablets are all the rage, laptop 2013but if you are going to go work, I still don’t think you can beat a laptop. This 17inch Pavaliion form HP comes with 4gb a ram a 750 gb hard drive, a LED screen and a webcam. At $399.99 it offers a solid value.
  • Moving away from tech, how about a coat? cyber coat 2013 maMacy’s is coat 2013 cyberoffering a great price on this London Fog Women’s coat.  Retailing for $195, the price has been cut and cut again to $89.99. The reviews are very positive and the coat looks fantastic.
  • And Finally, who doesn’t like a nice pair of Pa-jams.  pjsThis set of Liz Claiborne Micro-fleece Pajamas normally sells for $45, now you can have it for $19.99.  A warm gift for your loved one on those cold winter nights. 

So there we are, a little something for everyone and in every case the price has been cut in half and then some.  I hope this helps you start to add some check marks to that list of yours. If you like what you see please bookmark us and check back tonight for my “Made In the USA Monday” Christmas list. A few American made ideas, great presents that support your fellow American workers. 

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