Where to Find Top Shelf Items at Bargain Bin Prices

We all like nice things. I can appreciate quality, but I love a bargain. Why not have both?

As I have mentioned in prior posts I work in the TV news business. One day I was bragging to a producer friend of mine about a deal I found one the web. She said,  “If you like deals you should try BeyondtheRack.com. We did a shopping special story about it last year. You’ll love it.” Now I know this producer can dig and I definitely know that she can shop so I took a look.

She was absolutely right. This place has deals you wouldn’t believe. I’ll give you an example. This Swiss Legend Men’s Tungsten Watch in Silver retails for $1495.00, but it can be yours for $149.99! The price doesn’t get any more right.

I recently made a purchase on this site myself. I bought a painting for 70% off. I picked it out, paid for it, and received it. Everything worked out fine and I am completlely satisfied with my purchase.

BeyondtheRack.com is free to join, fill out some simple information and they place you on their mailing list. About once a day you will receive an e-mail informing you about the sites newest offerings. They have several categories, but most of the deals are in clothing or jewelry.  Deals like this Donna Ricco dress that normally sells for $128.00 has been reduced down to $49.99, not bad at all.

It’s hard to imagine that you could get a better bargain than this, but I have found a way. The builder has built you an even better deal.  How does 4.2% cash back sound? As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you sign up and shop through Big Crumb.com you will earn 4.2% on purchased made at beyondtherack.com.

Now that’s building!


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