Skip “Black Friday” Wait for “Cyber Monday”

As someone who spends a great deal of time looking for deals  the following statement might seem a bit unusual. saleYou should skip “Black Friday”. That’s right I said it, but I do so with good reason. I have been to the malls, I have scoured  the internet, and I don’t see the upside to waiting on those awful lines. Here are my reasons for opting out of “Black Friday”.

  • Black Friday is now bleeding into Thanksgiving- More and more stores are now opening up on Turkey Day. Personally I don’t think this is fair.  Why should someone be made to work on a family holiday?  Why would anyone want to leave their family and wait on a line?  As someone who values time with his family, I will not support businesses that take that time away from others and if we all agreed not to shop on Thanksgiving these companies would stop opening up on this Holiday. 
  • Anything You Can Get on “Black Friday” You Can Probably Get on “Cyber Monday” - I can’t make any guarantees, but logic dictates that most of the deals that you can get at the store you can probably get on the web. 
  • What About the Door Busters? - This is tricky, from what I can tell most door busters are a scam. They are either super low prices on cheaply made items or the quantities are so limited you will most likely never get one. In the end how much are you really saving? Fifty bucks? How much are several hours of your time worth? I’m not going to wait on a line for 8 hours to save 50 bucks. 
  • Patience - If you wait for it, it will come. Some reports are suggesting that this year’s sales will be on the soft side. With less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas retailers are desperate to get tour dollars.  I have a strong suspicion that deep online dissents are on there way.
  • NO LINES! - The best reason to skip “Black Friday” and wait for “Cyber Monday” no crowds, no pushing, no shoving, no searching for a parking stop. You can find deals in your pajamas sipping your favorite beverage and find almost everything on your list. 

So there it is, my argument. Some people view shopping as a sport. I view it as a task, something to be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will have no part of the madness that is “Black Friday”. Please stay tuned for my Cyber Monday flea finds, I will try not to let you down. 

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