Made in the U.S.A. Monday – A Christmas

With Thanksgiving only days away I have decided to focus on Christmas decorations for this weeks article. I have mention ornaments in the past and even bought a few of my own. When the bride and I get our tree up this year we will share some photos with you. Since this is our first Christmas together we are going to need a lot more ornaments to full up our tree. 

A Christmas is a Maryland based company that specializing in selling a wide range of American made Christmas ornaments. From metal to glass they offer dozens of handcrafted beautiful ornaments in various themes. From the founding fathers to modern president to pewter ornaments and the classic glass bulb, you could easily decorate your entire tree with their offerings. 

For my tastes I prefer the simple glass bulbs. SONY DSCThis set of three Cherry blossom crystal glass bulbs look fantastic. Made from hand blown glass these two inch ornaments look beautiful. They will catch the light on the tree and add an extra sparkle to your living room.  At $30 for the set they might seem a little pricey, but you have to remember that you will probably own these decoration for years and years to come. In time they might become a nostalgic mainstay of your family holiday tradition. Best of all they are made in America. 

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