Free Satellite Radio – Till December 3rd

Sirius satellite radio is currently running a free trial promotion. siriIt is open to any one with an inactive satellite radio unit or a vehicle equipped with a satellite radio option. All you have to do is switch your radio over to satellite and a limited number a Sirius channels will be available for your listening pleasure. You can enjoy a nice mix of commercial free music and talk content in all its beautiful digital clarity. 

The idea behind the promotion is rooted in the belief that if you like the service enough and get used to having them,  you will sign up and subscribe. It must work because this is not the first time they have tried such a promotion.  

When I bought my 2012 Ford Focus it came with Sirius. I enjoyed it and renewed my subscription a few times, but recently dropped the service. I did so because of the auto-renew feature. Sirius subscriptions will often come with massive discounts to keep you from dropping the service.  With auto renew you are charged the full amount for your subscription. I would then have to call up an argue to get the price cut down to a more acceptable level.  I tried several times to get the auto renew feature turned off and was ignored so I cancelled. 

I have to admit I do enjoy hearing Sirius again. Will this promotion make me rejoin? Perhaps. Until then lets all enjoy some Free Sirius, at least for then next few days. 

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