Making Extra Money as a “Field Agent”

Extra cash. We’re always looking for some and lately it has become harder and harder to come by. Overtime, side jobs, second jobs, odd jobs, we do what we can to pump up our earnings just a little bit higher when the need for more money arises. With Christmas around the corner this is one of those instances. Lists are being drawn , pretty soon the bill will come due.  Where are you going to find that extra cash? I think I might have a solution.

A friend of mine logo FAshowed me an app called “Field Agent” that he used to make over 1000 bucks this year. It’s essentially a secret shopper service. You download the app and join, it takes seconds to do so. After you join, you open the app and search through the available “jobs”. You can search by “highest paying” or “nearest”. My buddy told me that he always does “nearest” because he does’t want to waste time or money driving.

Once you find the job you want you hit “accept”. You will then have two hours to complete that job. Most jobs require you to go to a store and find a display for a specific product. Once you do you will usually have to take a few pictures with your smart phone and answer a few questions. Most jobs take a few minutes once you arrive in the store.

In the beginning you will only have access to the lower paying jobs. FAMost of the jobs I found were for around 3 bucks. According to the “Field Agent” site the pay range for jobs is $3-$12 per job. As you take on more jobs you gain experience and increase your rank on the site. The higher your rank the better the jobs. This is logical, the more important jobs should go to the people who have demonstrated that they can do them. 

Once you successfully complete a job, the money you earned is stored in your “Field Agent” account. You can keep it there until you decide to withdraw it. This is done by adding a “Paypal” account to your “Field Agent” account and transferring the money. My buddy told me that transferring money is very quick and that he has never had to wait more then a day or two to get his funds. 

Situations are certainly going to be different from person to person and region to region regarding earnings. If you are a person who moves around a lot in a given day, like a salesperson, and you have big chunks of down time this app might be perfect for you. It also might be good if you want to use it on your day off, traveling about, racking up extra cash. 

A good measure might be to see how many jobs you can do in an hour. If the jobs are fairly close to each other I would think you might be able to go 3-5 an hour. At 3 bucks a job you are earning between 9 and 15 dollars an hour minus the cost of gas. Is that worth your time? I would argue that it is, for me anyway. If I could put aside an extra $100 a month, cover my gas and maybe some of my lunch expenses I would consider that a win.

As your experience increases and you get access to the $6 a job, my earnings would increase accordingly.  You could use the extra cash for Christmas gifts, to pay down debt, perhaps invest it in peer-to-peer lending, or maybe the stock market, its all up to you. “Field Agent” offers you a potential revenue steam that you can use as much or as little as you like. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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