Made in the U.S.A. Monday – What Happened to A.S. Tees?

Last year I included A.S. Tees as one of the first “Made in the U.S.A. Monday” features. At the time I had purchased a few of their shirts and I really liked them. A year later, my A.S. Tee shirts are holding up well, so well that I decided to buy some more. I wanted to but I couldn’t, there website was down. 

At first I thought it was a temporary outage or perhaps some site maintainence. I came back a few days later and it was still down, its down right now. I checked their twitter site, they haven’t tweeted in months. An internet search didn’t reveal much, but from what I could find it appears that A.S. Tees is no more. One of the many victims to the recession that I would argue we are still in. 

as teesHere was a company, founded in 1997 that employed 15 people. It might not seem like much, but those people in South Carolina were probably a lot like you and I and now they are unemployed. Why? Only the owners of A.S. Tees know. I am sure the answer includes many reason, but I know that one of them was not because they didn’t make a great product. 

One of my favorite winter shirts is my A.S. Tee’s green long sleeve thermal, it’s also “the Bride’s” favorite as well. It’s an uphill battle for American manufacturers, making a great product can only take you so far.  You are the difference.

So many American made companies are struggling to reach customers. These are small companies, they can’t advertise the way giant corporations can. We have to look, we have to find them. That is why, every monday, without fail, I find, research, and share one of these companies with you.

The holidays are around the corner. Let us make an effort to buy at least one American gift for our loved ones. Search through my past articles, I am sure you can find some great gifts. Share these ideas with your friends and family. Let’s help these American made companies out. I don’t want to see anymore dark websites, I don’t want to read about any one else losing their jobs.  We have the power to stop this, to make things better. All we have to do is try. 

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