Time to Ink a New Deal on Printer Cartridges

One of the great mysteries of the universe to me is the incredibly high price of printer ink. You pay 80, 90, 100 dollars or so for a printer and then you pay nearly as much to replace the ink cartridges. This is not an exaggeration. My printer has five cartridges a cyan, magenta, yellow, small black and a large black. The smaller ones can retail for 15 bucks each and the big one for 25 for a grand total of $85.00! It defies reason.

The trouble is you often run out of ink at the worst time, a paper is due, you want to print your resume for a new job interview, you need a hard copy of a government document. You hit “print” and it doesn’t. What makes it worse is most printers won’t print black and white documents when one of the small color cartridges are empty! That doesn’t make any sense.

So you run over to the local office supply store match the number on your empty cartridge with the box off a new one, this can take a short eternity. You go to the register and stare at the cashier when they tell you the total. They know you need it, you know you need it, so you pay.

Into a situation like this a great entrepreneur will often step in to fill the need a make some money. Some weren’t very good, like those syringes you could buy to inject new ink into the old cartridge. What a mess. It was a clever idea, but it just didn’t work.

Not to worry though “The Builder” has not only found you a deal, he has found you a deal on the deal.

I get all of my ink from 4inkjets.com where I can buy 15 dollar cartridges for 6 or as low as 5 dollars if you buy 3. That’s a 65 percent savings. And as great as that is if you enroll in BigCrumbs.com, a site I mentioned in a previous post, you get 19% cash back when you go through their site. Our long national nightmare is over, cheap printer ink is finally here.

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