Get $200 For Your Old iPad From Target

As a limited time offer (till 11/9) Target is offering a $200 gift card for Sale signany now who brings in any functioning, undamaged iPad. That’s right, if you have and old iPad version one just laying around, you can trade it in for $200 bucks worth of Target merchandise. 

This is a particularly good deal as older iPads do not command such a high price on Ebay and Gazelle is only offering $80 for a perfect condition iPad presently. 

You could bring in that used iPad and hold on to that $200 gift card and wait for “Black Friday”. You wait for those sales and strike. Perhaps a brand new iPad air will go on sale? You could use your old iPad to buy a new one for the family as a Christmas gift, cut the cost of that thing in half, Builder style. 

You can also trade in other electronics and Target will give you a quote on their website. I ran a few items through their system and I found their prices to be on the low side of fair. You could probably do better selling your stuff on Ebay. I know some people don’t want to deal with the hassles that can come with that. If that is the case than this might be something that you would be interested

The holidays are right around the corner, if you have some old electronics laying about gathering dust you might want to convert then into gift cards for future present purchases. 

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