How I Got Almost 1/2 Off My “Banana Republic” Order

We are now entering the season of sales, Thanksgiving will be here in short order and with it Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you do your homework you can really find some nice bargains.

To kick things off I would like to share a sale that I recently took advantage of. My wardrobe is reaching meltdown levels, fading, holes, rips and tears, I am losing pieces of clothing fast. With the weather starting to change I have found that my winter wardrobe is even worse than my summer wardrobe. I decided that I needed to buy a few things to reverse the trend.

My search began where it almost always does, BigCrumbs. As I have mentioned in the past, BigCrumbs earns referral money by directing you to a retailers page. Once you make a purchase the retailer send BigCrumbs some cash. They turn around and share some of that cash with you. The amount of cash back varies by retailer, in this case I selected the Banana Republic. With this particular retailer BigCrumbs offers 4% cash back.

Obviously that is good but not nearly enough. As luck would have it “Banana Republic” is also offering 40% off from now until 11/5 if you ever coupon code “HOL2013″.  I don’t know about you, but 40% off gets my attention. Satisfied with the sale offer I began my search and selected the following items.

  • A Signature Pique Polo (Black) – Retail Price – $39.50/ Sale Price – $23.70  What I like about Polothis shirt is that it is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I currently own a shirt like this and I love it. The spandex stops the shirt from wrinkling. As someone who hates to iron this is an amazing blend of fabric. I can honestly say that if I had it my way all of my clothes would be made this way.


  • Soft Wash Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee (Black) – Retail Price – $29.50/ Sale Price – $17.70 – Long sleeve,  100% cotton,Long Sleeve 2013 this is a nice shirt to have because you can wear it as an under layer or by itself. It really gives you a wide range of options and for  just under 18 bucks you really can’t beat the price. 


  • Soft Wash Short Sleeve Grey Crew – Retail Price – $24.50 / Sale Price – $14.70 – Grey shirt I just got rid of an old grey shirt, so this one is a replacement. I like that it’s 100% cotton and the price is just right, the only thing missing is 5% spandex. 


  • Slim- Fit Tow-tone Gingham Luxe- Brushed Twill Shirt – Retail price – $69.50 / Sale Price – $41.70. Green ShirtIt can’t all be black and grey, who am I Johny Cash? I don’t real like to wear light colors and I have notice that the latest fashion trend is going in that direction. Pink, lime, canary yellow, what is it Easter? Have you ever tried to get pizza sauce off of a yellow polo? It’s not easy. This shirt ticks all the boxes, its long sleeved, colorful, but not too light. 

What would have cost me $163.00 only cost me $97.80! A fantastic savings, but it does end there, let’s keep building. Don’t forget we have the 4% back from BigCrumbs, that knocks another $3.88 off and I paid with my DiscoverCard so I get an additional 5% off on online purchases, a savings of $4.85. When the dust settled I got my four new shirts for  $89.07.! By stacking my discounts I managed to the cut the cost of my purchase nearly in half. 

I hope this information help you save some money on your shopping. As Black Friday nears and the Christmas shopping season get underway I will bring you additional deals as I find them. 

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