Made in the U.S.A. Monday – the Pad &Quill Little Pocket Book

For this weeks article I am going to take a slightly different approach. Normally I post about items that you and I might find useful or interesting. Today I want to write about something that I have recently purchased, the “Little Pocket Book” from Pad and Quill.

Last week I bought a new phone, the “Iphone 5s “. Since the 5s is a different size then my current phone, the 4s, I needed a new case. As someone who enjoys  simplicity and efficiency I am a fan of the smart phone wallet case. I have my wallet and my phone in one item, I can grab it and go and keep it in one pocket. My previous wallet case was the “BookBook” form Twelve South.  I have owned it for over two years now, it has served me well and I have few complaints.

I most likely would have bought another BookBook, but for the last few months I have been reading about cases from “Pad and Quill”. PAD AND QUILL 1Made in Saint Paul Minnesota, this cases have a reputation for being some of high quality cases on the market. I read about a dozen reviews and each one applauded the build quality and materials for the Pad and Quill products. Satisfied with my research I bought one.

I received my “Little Pocket Book” last week and all I can say is that the hype is real. Here is my review:

  • Build Quality - All Pad and Quill products are hand made using high quality materials. From the moment you take it out of the box you can see and feel and even smell the difference. The aroma of new leather  waffles off the case every time you open it. The leather has  the texture of an old bound book. It feels nice to the touch and is resistant to smudging or finger prints. I selected a black case, with a gray interior. Pad and Quill offers two external colors and up to five interior colors offering you a nice variety of choices when you order your “Little Pocket Book”.


  • Form and Function -  My greatest concern when I order my case was that my phone would fall out. Pad and Quill uses a precision cut piece of wood to hold your phone in place. To be honest, prior to buying the case, I wasn’t that crazy about the wood aspect of the wallet. pq 2Now that I have held it in my hand it one of my favorite features of the phone. The wood is smooth and pleasant to touch. It holds the phone firmly in place and is easy to grip when making a phone call. The wallet portion of the case is comparable to my BookBook, it has three slots for cards and a little pouch to put your money. Since the 5S is a taller phone the case accommodates bills and credits cards better than previous generations.  I have my license, debit card and one credit card in there most of the time. Some people might need to carry more but that is pretty much all I need.  On the back it has a camera hole, my bookbook didn’t have this and it was a bit bother some to have to slide my phone in and out just to take a picture. 


  • Price - The “Little Pocket Book” sells for $64.99, this is comparable to the BookBook. I have seen lower quality cases selling online for around $20, but you get what you pay for.

All in all I am very happy with my “Little Pocket Book” case, it’s well made, enjoyable to hold, and serves my needs just fine. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in ease and convenience of a wallet case. A stylish hand made product, made right here in America. 

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