Cash for Clutter – Sell it on E-Bay

When Ebay first started it was really something. It was like the nation got together and decided to have one big garage sale that would never end. Of course this is still the case, but I think we have started to take it for granted. I remember joining back in 1999 and jumping in with both feet. I bought movie posters and DVD sets, an old nintendo system, a snoopy sno-cone maker like the one I had as a child, a super 8mm camera. It was great.

Then I started to have some bad experiences. I items I bought would be worse then described or would tear or break after I tried to use them, listing fees started to rise, I would constantly get outbid in the final 2 minutes. It started to be a headache.

Fortunately Ebay has addressed many of these issues. The rating system has improved, the fee structure is much more listing friendly, and their are plenty of apps and programs that will help you deal with last minute bidding snipers. Add to that programs like Ebay Bucks and you have a much improved online auction experience.

I am pretty sure that if you look around the house you can find many items that you no longer use and are just taking up space. Why not cash them in? For me this was true of some old Xbox 360 games that for the most part I no longer play. I have one that I do enjoy, but I spend too much time playing it. I would rather sell it and use that time to do more productive things, like finding deal for you.

As I’ve said in a recent post, video games lose their value rather quickly so the longer I wait the less I am likely to get.

I arranged my games in a nice stack, put them on the dining room table, snapped a few picture with my phone and e-mailed the best one to myself. The listing process on E-Bay has gotten really easy. The most important part is making sure that you select the right category to list your item in so that people can find it. If I put my item in “games” instead of “video games” I might have far less people finding my listing and as a result get fewer and lower bids. Taking the time to list in the right category and writing a descriptive title can really go a long way.

Many of you may already know this, but sometimes a reminder helps. Another important tip is to choose your auction ending time wisely. Usually an auction will end a certain number of days after you list it. If you list it at 5am on a Wednesday, it will end at 5am. Most people aren’t up then. I nearly made a similar mistake myself. I almost listed my item at 4pm new york time. Why is that bad? If its 4pm in NY its 1pm in LA. My auction would end when most people are at work or at school. Many of those last minute bidders could be unable to access their computer and drive up my selling price. I made sure to list it at 9pm.

So in about 10 minutes I created a listing for my lot of XBOX 360 games and posted it. I have 6 days left on my auction and one watcher. I hope to get around 40 dollars for my games, but if they don’t sell it doesn’t cost me any money. The listing was free.

So if you have a closet full of stuff that you think might command a good price and you are will to part with them, list them on E-Bay.

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