Amazon “Subscribe and Save”, My New Favorite Way to Buy Groceries

Super markets are kinda depressing. Perhaps it’s the florescent lighting, maybe it’s the lines, for some reason food shopping always has this gloomy feeling to me. The other day I was at the checkout counter and I was hit with a serious dose of sticker show. “Twenty three dollars? All I bought was some mouth wash, razors, and a pack of gum?” To my surprise five Mach 3 razors cost 18 bucks. As someone who hates to over pay that experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then I remembered the “Subscribe and Save” program from Amazon. You enroll, for free, select grocery items from the Amazon website and they ship them to your house also for free. You select the frequency for your delivery based on the item and if you have five items delivered in the same month Amazon knocks 15% off the cost of your order. Cheaper prices and free home delivery? I had to try this.

I enrolled and selected my five items and then checked the prices of similar products at my local supermarket.  Here is what I found:

lever 2000

  •  2  Twelve packs of Lever 2000 soap

 Amazon price – $13.66

 Supermarket price –  $20.97($6.99/ 8)


  • flossOral B Floss Picks (90 count) -

Amazon Price – $2.37

Supermarket price - $5.97 ($1.99 for 30)



  • BountyBrawny Giant Roll Paper Towels (8 count)

Amazon Price - $13.72

Supermarket price -  $19.17 for Bounty ($6.39 for 3)


  • mach 3Gillette Mach 3 Razors (6 count) –

Amazon Price - $13.29

Supermarket price – $18.99


  • TPQulited Northern Double Plush Rolls (36 count) –

Amazon price - $17.06

Supermarket price - $31.50 ($10.50 for 12 rolls)


Amazon total –           $51.09 ($60.10 – a 15% discount for buying 5 items or more)

Supermarket total – $96.60 

My Amazon order also qualified for an additional 5% cash rebate because I paid for the order with my Discovercard. When you add it all up the Amazon “Subscribe and Save” program cut the cost of my groceries in half. Sure I could have reduced my supermarket bill with coupons, but that takes time. Amazon is giving my all of that saving up front and they are delivering my items right to my front door. No hassle, no lines, convenience as well as savings, a powerful combination. Winner Amazon.

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