A Great Vacuum the Doesn’t Cost $500

When I was a kid no one cared about their vacuum cleaner. You either had one or you didn’t. If you didn’t you got one and if you did you never gave it much thought. Then, without explanation, every one started obsessing over their vacuum cleaner. They became status symbols, conversation worth topics at parties. Maybe the housing boom made us overly concerned about the cleanliness of our biggest asset. Perhaps we all turned into germaphobes? Personally I blame Dyson. Their vacuum cleaners are nice, but $500 dollars? Really?

The Bride and I recently moved into our new apartment and one of the things we needed when we moved in was a vacuum cleaner. The task was mine, we needed something good, but not too expensive. We’re saving up for a house, we can’t be dropping a months worth of groceries on some space age cleaning status symbol. I began my research.

I have two tools that I like to use when making most purchases. I start with Consumer Reports and cross check their ratings against Amazon customer reviews. I find this offers a very balanced critique of an item. I see what the pros say and weigh that against what the average customer thinks. As I searched I noticed that I had to pay extra attention to price. Many vacuum cleaners can sell for $300-500 dollars. I added a few filters to my search to keep the cost down. 

bissellAfter all was said and done I locked in on the Bissel Cleanview 9595 it scored very well on CR and has almost a perfect score on Amazon (with over 300 reviews). Rated favorably against vacuums that cost three times as much this device works on both bare floors as well as deep rugs. It has a hand attachment for stairs and furniture, a hepa filter, and an easy to empty canister.  Best of all it cost 79 dollars.  I was sold. 

I bought my Bissel and received it about a month ago. In that time it was performed just as advertised. It cleans hard wood floors and throw rugs, the hand attachment is easy to connect and use and is very powerful. I am completely satisfied with this vacuum and would recommend it to any one who wants a quality upright vacum cleaner, but doesn’t want to spend a weeks pay buying one. 

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