Made in the U.S.A. – The Tide is Turning

Any one who reads this site know that I am a big fan of “American Made” stuff. Over the last few years I have made a conscious effort to buy American and every Monday I write and article about an American made product that might interest my readers. 

I do this because I believe in American workers and flagI know that supporting them and the businesses that employee them is the best way to strengthen our economy and climb our way out of this recession. 

One of the great lies that is told to the American public time and time again is that our problems are complex and unsolvable. The goal is to keep us stuck in the situation we are in, a shrinking manufacturing base and frozen wages. The truth is simple and it is right at hand. If we all start buying American made stuff those companies will grow and thrive and hire more workers as they expand. The positive effects of your decision will ripple across our country and our economy. 

The other day I was please to find a CNNMoney article that suggested that companies are starting to consider bringing overseas jobs back to America. Here is a quote:

“The ‘Made in America’ revival is gaining momentum with a majority of manufacturing executives now ready to consider pulling some production back from China.”

What a few years ago was considered unthinkable is now a potential reality. Jobs are returning to America. People are making their voices heard and some companies are listening. It all starts with you us and what we decide matters to us when we go to make a purchase. Something to think about next time you reach for your wallet. 

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