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“I know a guy…”. Whenever anyone begins a conversation or answers a question with that phrase they instantly have my full attention. Past experience has taught me that what follows that phrase is usually either good advice, some quality information, or an amazing story. In this case it will be some useful info.

I know a guy at the TV station I work at, he is our equipment manager. As his title suggest he is responsible for testing and buying almost all of the field equipment that we use. This guy doesn’t just see it all, he gets to see stuff that you can’t even buy yet. As you can imagine this guy is very hard to impress. In fact he has this annoying habit of shooting down things that I find interesting.

As you can imagine if something catches this guy’s eye then it probably deserves your attention. A month or so ago he was going on and on about this program called Dashlane.” “Have you ever heard of Dashlane?” “You have to try Dashlane”. On and on, for a few days in a row he kept mentioning it.  I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I was curious. 

dashlaneAs he would go on to tell me, in great detail, several times, Dashlane is a FREE password management program. It serves as safe secure place to keep all of your various website passwords. 

Over time I have amassed quite a large amount of passwords, many of them with different and unique requirements. Some sites want your password to have numbers and letters, others want you to have at least 8 characters in your password, while others still want at least one capital letter in your password. 

The whole thing is maddening. I often find myself having to reset me password via e-mail and go through the whole process that comes with doing so. Dashlane eliminates these headaches. It saves all of your passwords and in one click in links to the site and autofills your user name and password. Remembering all of your passwords can now be reduced to recalling a single password, the one you use to log into Dashlane with. 

I recently gave the program a try and it worked perfectly. I loaded me credit card password in Dashlane and with one click I was signed in and ready to go. Not only can this program store my password and autofill it into all of the websites that I visit, it can also generate complex highly secure password, further increasing you online security. Having unique complex passwords for each of the sites that you use will help prevent anyone from cracking your passwords and tampering with your accounts.

The reviews for Dashlane are superb, gave is 4.5 out of 5 stars and many sites and publications list it as their number one password managing program. The best part about it is that it is FREE. They offer a premium version, but the FREE program is so robust that I don’t see the need to upgrade. 

I have already loaded a bunch of my passwords into Dashlane. As time goes on I will add more and more and save myself the time and headaches associated with managing all of that information. Eventually I will have all of my passwords and login info in one safe secure place. If you struggle with managing all of your passwords and wants and easy FREE way to simplify your life, check out Dashlane. 

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