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My journey into buying American started with my sneakers, spread through my wardrobe, made its way into my bedding, and is now moving into my linen closet. I don’t have a linen closet, but it sound nicer than bathroom. In the area of towel the choices for “American made” are thin. I only managed to find a handful of companies and many of them are in the “luxury” pricing category. The towels look great and I am sure they are exceptionally well made, but I am not paying $45 for one towel. I won’t do it.

1888One of the largest and remaining towel manufactures is 1888 mills based in  Griffin Georgia. They employ over 200 people at their facility and create a wide range of quality items from some of the finest materials.  The produce a towels in a wide range of colors and sizes from wash clothes all the way up to beach towels. 

I am personally interested in bath towels. My current crop of towels is about 9 years old and they look every bit their age. I need to bring in some replacements and phase out some of my rougher looking towels. 

I search for a good while, the companies website doesn’t sell their products directly. I found a few sites that carry their towels. The first was Amazon, they offer a set of 2 oversized 100 percent organic cotton towels for $59.99 . A little on the high side, but the reviews are strong. 

At a lower price point I found some of their Millennium line towels for $17.00 if you buy four of them from I am not familiar with their website, but I like their business model. I checked a few of the large online retailers and $17 is about average for a towel.

If the imported towel and the “American made” towel are the same price the choice is a no brainer. Check out some of the towels from 1888 Mills, you won’t be disappointed. 

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