Republic Wireless Now Offers the Moto X

If you have never heard of Republic Wireless your are not alone, they are a small fish in a giant cellular pond. I met a rep from this company at a trade show in NYC last spring. He told me about their business model to use wifi to make calls, send texts, and connect to the internet. By using this free source of connectivity Republic Wireless can offer customers a dramatically lower prices compared to more traditional carriers. When I heard this pitch my first thought was “How often do I connect to wifi?”

Over the following days and weeks I began to notice that I was often around a wifi signal. The majority of my week is spent at work or at home. Each of these location has a connection, so for me Republic Wireless might be a good option.

How about when you don’t have a signal? Good question, when you are out and about and wifi is just not an option, the phone reverts to a standard 3G signal, courtesy of the Sprint cellular network. It appears that these guys have everything covered.

So what’s the catch? Well, when I first wrote about this company my biggest reservation was the phone selection. To start there is none, you had one option the Motorola Defy, it was a good phone but not great. The short comings of this device made me wary, but that has all changed.

moto xStarting in November, Republic wireless is now offering the Moto X, the “made in the USA” rock star handset that is taking the smartphone market by storm. Republic Wireless will be offering the Moto X for $299 and it now has four new plans to boot.

They offer a $5 a month wifi only plan, you phone will only work with a WIFI connection. price 3 If you move to the highest priced plan, the $40 a month option, you get unlimited talk text and data as well as 4G cellular service. The range of these plans and the incredibly low cost of each should be a hit with customers. When you add a great phone like the Moto X to the mix, you have a pretty impressive alternative the bigger higher priced carriers. 

If you are looking to slash the cost of you wireless bill, you might want to look into Republic Wireless. Their out of the box thinking could save you hundred of dollars a year.

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