Made In the U.S.A. Monday – Carhartt Men’s Duck Detroit Jacket

Fall has arrived, slowly creeping in day by day. The afternoons are still pleasant and sunny, but the night are growing cold. For me its time to drag out my old college trunk, and pull out the long sleeve shirts and cold weather clothing. This year I have a slight problem, one item is missing, a light jacket. My old one is too worn out. The cuffs of the sleeves are frayed, the color has faded from black to dark purple. Its time has passed. A  new one must be found. 

I have searched the web extensively and found a suitable if not superior replacement. My criteria was quality, price, and of course country of origin. I found several jackets companies, some weren’t my style, some were too pricey. I can’t see paying 300 dollars for a jacket, I’m not an avid skier or hiker. I paired down the available options to a final selection, Carhartt. carharttAnyone who works with their hand or has a friend or relative who does is familiar with this brand. It has an excellent reputation that goes back decades. 

Carhartt is a family run company with a history that reaches back over 100 years. Their clothes are designed in Michigan and made in Tennessee and Kentucky. A company that began with four sewing machines and five employees now has 17 plants worldwide. Carhartt is a recognizable brand with and excellent reputation.  I have owned several items of Carhartt clothing and have always been impressed by their durability. 

This made my selection of a replacement coat any easy one. It always goes back to what I have been saying about buying American, all you have to do is look. I searched through their catalogue, making sure to select the from jackets that are “made in the USA”(some aren’t). 

I read some customer ratings on detroit jacketseveral sites and paired my selection down to the “Duck Detroit Jacket”. It has excellent reviews, a strong sturdy zipper, a good lining, and ample pockets. My only reservation is the cut. This jacket comes right down to your waste, most jackets I’ve owned seem to go past. It seems to look good on the models, but I wonder how it would fit on me. I will have to run it by “The Bride” for a final decision.  

Either way, I a certain that my new jacket will be “made in America”, from Carharrt. A reliable brand making superior products.

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