Being First Can Cost You- 3 Things You Should Never Buy at Release

The i-phone turned five this year. I can still remember the lines of people waiting to buy it when it was first released. They slept over the night before or several nights before in front of the store so they could pay $500- $600 to own one. I’ve never understood that. It’s a mass produced item, you will get one trust me. 

That same group of people looked even sillier when Apple cut the price of the i-phone by hundreds of dollars a few weeks later. They all complained and Apple offered them a rebate, but they were lucky. If you want to save at least 50 percent at check out there are certain things you should never buy at launch.

  • Electronics- Phones, computers, video game systems, televisions the price will only go in one direction after their launch, down down down. Just recently I helped my parents find a deal on a 51 inch plasma TV. How? I found a site selling the 2011 model for more then 1/2 off. What was wrong with it? It was March of 2012, the 2011 model was “old”. They got a $1500.00 TV for $700.00 and it looks great. Unfortunately that deal sold out weeks ago, but just doing a quick search I found a 2011 43inch Samsung Plasma for a little over 400 dollars. Can you believe that? Six years ago you would have paid over 2000 dollars for a TV that size.
  • Blu-ray DVDs- Some times I walk through certain department and media stores and I am shocked at how high their dvd/blu-ray prices are. Have they heard of the internet? Why should I pay them 30-40 dollars for a movie when I can get the same one online for 10-20? The same applies with release dates. Not too long ago the “Back to the Future” trilogy was released on blu-ray for the kingly ransom of 80 dollars.While I love those movies, well two of them, I don’t love them that much. Just give it time I thought, and I was right. Now you can those very same discs for $38.99 If you poke around on Ebay you can find them for 32 bucks and keep 48 dollars in your pocket.
  • Video Games- This is a biggie if you have kids. Peer pressure, its a beast. I’ll use a real world example: Halo 4 will be released on November 6th. Right now you can pre-order it for $59.00. They want you to pay for a game you won’t get for 3 months? I know, demand is so high, you might not get the game at release. So? You can buy the previous release in the series: Halo Reach for $27.95 Seems like a good deal to me. It should hold you over until they drop the price of Halo 4 in a month or two.

With a little patience and some diligent web surfing you can save yourself a good chuck of cash. It’s not always easy but it pays off in the end.

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