Made in the U.S.A Monday- Wigwam Socks

Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’ve been hearing about it and I can guarantee we will keep hearing about it right up till the November elections. Some people think our government can fix our problems. Now maybe that’s true, but I am quite certain that we can fix our problem a lot faster and better then they can. A simple choice like buying socks made by the good people of Sheboygan Wisconsin is part of the answer. We buy them, they keep making them, and another factory stays in America. 

If you’ve purchased the new balance sneakers I recommended in the last post or your sock draw is looking a little raggedy and mismatched these socks might be worth considering.  From my research it seems that they have a good reputation, they come in a nice variety of colors, styles, and material blends. Of course I took some time to find a good deal as well. I like to wear the low cut socks myself and I have located an offer for: 6 pairs of Super60 Low Cut socks plus one pair free and a %20 discount  for a price of $14.39. That’s about two bucks a pair or a dollar a sock. Free shipping is included on order over 39 dollars. Check them out, I hope you like them.

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