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“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, it’s the title of a compelling 2010 documentary, but sadly it’s also they way many people are living their lives. I saw this film on Netflix 2 years ago and I can’t recommend it enough. It really opened my eyes to the relationship between diet and health. fat sick and nearly deadThe subject in the film was an extreme case, but the message is universal. We are eating an alarmingly growing amount of processed foods and an ever shrinking amount of fruits and vegetables. 

It turns out Mother did know best and the simple advice, “Eat your vegetables” is the answer to many of our weight problems. Joe Cross, the subject of “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” went from over 300 pounds and in horrible health (he was taking 6 prescriptions to treat the effects of his condition) to a 100+ pound lighter man, healthy and drug free. How did he do this? Juicing. For 2 months he abandoned processed food and drank fruit and vegetable smoothies.

His transformation was incredible. To watch a man go from constantly sick to energetic and healthy was a real eye opener. It made me reconsider my own eating habits and I highly recommend the film.

Now I am not obese, but if I am honest, I don’t eat very well and if I am brutally honest I almost never eat vegetables. Does this mean I am going to embark on a 60 day juice cleanse? No. For my own situation I think such a measure is overkill. 

I have decided to replace one meal a week with a glass of fruit and vegetable juice every month of the next 7 months. I have 21 meals a week, seven months from now seven of them will be replaced by a health serving of juice. To accomplish this task I will need a blender, it will have to be tough and reliable. Fortunately for me, “the Bride”, and avid juicer, has bought just the right tool for the job, an American made Vitamix blender.

Vitamix traces their history back almost 100 years to the beginning of blending. The first commercial to demonstrate how to use a blender was conducted by Vitamix. Their blenders are used in juice shops and kitchens all over American and a known for their longevity and reliability. Many Vitamix blenders come with a 5-7 year warranty, that’s how confident they are in their product. 

Vitamix manufactures their product in Cleveland Ohio The CEO is Jodi Berg , a fourth generation leader of this family owned company. When asked about outsourcing or moving production to a cheaper area, Jodi said she never even considered such an idea.

“We really love the workforce in this area,” Berg said. “As my grandfather said, ‘Cleveland is home to the hardest working people anywhere,’ and I have come to agree with that.”

I agree with Jodi and the public seems to as well. Vitamix products have an amazing reputation and often receive very high ratings and reviews. VITAMIX 5200“The Bride” and I own a Vitamix 5200,  Not only does she love it, but Amazon reviews have given it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. At $456.95 it is expensive, but think about the amount of stress and strain a blender has to endure. Do you want a blender that will burn out and fail after a few months? Or would you prefer one that will last and last and is warrantied for 7 years? I’d rather by one good blender and pay more, than have to constantly replace cheaper blenders after they fail. 

If you are looking for a more affordable Vitamix, perhaps the 1300 turboblend will work for you. It cost $378.95, has a five year warranty and also has excellent reviews. 

We love our Vitamix 5200. I was shocked at the amount of things you can do with it. Here I was thinking that it was simply a blender. According to the manual, you can use it to make soup, smoothies, ice cream, crush ice, churn butter, whip cream, grind flour, knead dough, and plenty more. It more of a food processor than just a simple blender. 

If you love to cook or you are like me and are looking to add more healthy ingredients into your diet, consider a Vitamix, made to last, Made in the U.S.A. 

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