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Every monday I write an article featuring an American made product. They are for different needs, they come from different states. Some are from companies that are over 100 years old, some from start ups. The common thread for all of these items is that they are “Made in the USA”. I do this because I believe in supporting American workers and I refuse to listen to anyone that speaks against that strongly held notion. Don’t tell me that we no longer make things here, or that our products just aren’t any good. Buy one of these items and use it. I’m sure you will change your mind.

I have purchased several American made products and I have been very happy with them. It began with a pair of New Balance sneakers, spread through my wardrobe, and continued on into the rest of my house. I want to focus on two of the products that I wrote about and then purchased recently.

First up is my new collection of Wigwam Socks. Wigwam sock drawFor about $90 I replaced my old socks with 36 pairs of new ones. Now instead of having to match up 12+ different pairs of socks on laundry day I only have to match up two. I have 24 pairs of no show socks and 12 pairs of quarter socks. I am saving myself hours of hassle every month.

As for the socks, they are great. The fit is good, the material is comfortable, and I am very happy with this purchase. I paid the same for these socks as I would have for imported ones. The upside is that my new socks are made in America and they are of a higher quality.

A larger purchase was my 100% Maine Woolens Blanketcotton blanket from Maine Woolens. I wrote about this last month. It is a queen size tuscany, light blue blanket. It cost me $147.90 with tax and shipping.

I put it on my bed a few days ago and “the Bride” and I just love it. Its soft, and comfortable, you can feel the quality when you hold it. I realize it’s a bit pricey, but for me its worth it. Many companies use synthetic blends in their blankets. I prefer cotton and that costs a little bit more.

Finding these products, or any American made products is easier then you think. The next time you need to buy something, enter it and the phrase “made in the USA”. Often times the hardest things about buying American made is finding the products in the first place. Trust me though, they are out there.  

Three years ago, I hardly owned anything that was made in America. Today I never leave the house without wearing at least one domestically made piece of clothing. My dishes are made in America, so is my garbage can, my blender, my skillet, my boots, the list get longer every year. I’ve never regretting a single purchase, I know my money is going to American workers and American companies, and I encourage you do the same.

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