Free Dippin Dots!

I first experienced “Dippin Dots” back in 1998. dippin dotsI walked past one of their stands and noticed the sign. It said, “Dippin Dots, the ice cream of the future.” My curiosity piqued, I walked over and watched the stand owner scoop out a cup for a customer. Dippin Dots look like a soft, smooth version of “Nerds” candy. I tried a sample and I really liked it. The owner told me that Dippin Dots were made by cryogenically freezing regular ice cream ingredients. The sudden drop in temperature causes the mixture to form into dots. 

I bought a cup and went back many times. After college I even considered buying a stand of my own, but the start up costs were just too high for me. I don’t see them around as much, but when I get the opportunity I often buy a cup. Dippin Dots are a little more expensive than regular ice cream. They say that’s because it costs so much more to make. As a fan of the little dots, I think the extra cost is worth it.

When I saw the opportunity for FREE Dippin Dots, I jumped on it. All you have to do is sign up for the “Below Forty Club” and you will receive offers for free products as well as coupon codes for discounts on orders. If you love “Dippin Dots”, I recommend it. If you have never tried it, this is a great way to try. In the end it’s free, so you really have nothing to lose.

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