Made in the U.S.A. Monday- Lodge Cookware

As I mentioned in an earlier post “the Bride” and I have moved. One of the things that becomes immediately obvious when you engage in this sort of undertaking is the sudden spike in spending that occurs when you begin to furnish your new place. During this time I have used this situation as a unique Lodge Pan Labelopportunity to purchase “American Made” products for my home.  One example of such a purchase is the “Lodge Cookware” skillet that we bought this week.

Based in Tennessee, “Lodge” has been making cookware for over a century. They have refined their techniques and equipment over that time, but the result is the same heavy, durable, cast iron cookware that they have always made. When I first picked up one of their skillets, I noticed two things. First it was damn heavy, and second it was the last skillet I was ever going to need to buy. Of this I am quite certain. When I am dead and gone, that old skillet will still be frying up eggs. These things are built to last. 

The other thing Lodge panI like about this skillet is that I doesn’t have any type of coating on it. So many times in the past I have owned pans that have had the coating chip and peel off. I am always left with the same disturbing question, “Am I eating those chips?” Truly disturbing and kinda gross. I don’t know if such an activity is harmful, but I can guarantee you it isn’t improving my health in any way. 

My lodge Skillet is cast iron, no coating, no flimsy handle. Just a solid hunk of metal, always there when I need it. This morning “the Bride” scrambled me up some eggs. They were quite good and they tasted a little bit better knowing that they were made on an “American made” skillet. 

With dozen of different pieces of cookware available, I am sure you will find exactly what you are looking for from “Lodge”. It might cost you a few extra bucks to buy, but the odds are pretty good that you will never have to purchase another pot or pan again.

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