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The world is not that complicated. I realize that if you listen to a politician or turn on the cable news stations it might appear otherwise, but it really is quite simple. If we all made an effort, a genuine effort to buy American made products we would solve most of our countries problems inside of a year. 

Think about it, in any given year you are going to buy a certain amount of stuff. Its inevitable, you are going to replace old things, broken things, or simply buy new things for yourself and you family. If we directed a portion of that spending, perhaps 20% towards products that are “Made in the USA” the impact would be massive. Hundred of billions of dollars would flow into our economy. workerOur small businesses would recover and grow. Temp workers would become staff, part timers would go full time, staffs would grow, wages would rise. The new workers would have a higher standard of living and pay more taxes, this would help shrink our nations debts and deficits. 

More people working means more marriages, homes sales, and growing families. This means more money being pumped into the economy and more jobs will follow as other small businesses open or grow to meet the demand, places like restaurants. All of this start with you and I, so yes, it really is that simple. 

When you buy an American made pair of jeans, a toy for your child, or a case for your smartphone you are fueling an economic recovery, a real one. We all need to keep that in mind the next time we decide to buy something.  

main woolensI am not just talking the talk, today I am walking the walk. I bought a blanket from Maine Woolens. Their mill is located in Brunswick Maine and is part of a long proud textile tradition in that region. They use natural premium grade fibers from American producers, the cotton and wool in their blankets comes from domestic resources. They use green manufacturing techniques and have recently expanded their manufacturing facility. 

I searched around their site, I decided on a cotton blanket. I prefer the feel of cotton over wool. I settled on their “Tuscany” blanket. It is made from 100% cotton, its soft and durable design that is also used in baby blankets. If it’s soft enough for a baby, than it’s soft enough for me. I picked one out and selected a color, light blue.

When all was said and done it cost me $147.90. Could I have found a cheaper blanket? Absolutely,  but what would  be sacrificed to get that cheaper price? Would it be made out of synthetic fibers? Would it be cheaply made? How long would it last? Would I buy a 80 dollar blanket and have to buy another 3 years from now?

I’m not interested in cheap, that’s short term thinking. I want a quality blanket made by skilled American workers. I hope you feel the same way. 

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