Get Some Free Emergen-C to Start the School Year

We are about to begin one of biggest transitions in a child’s life, the return to school. It can be an emotional roller coaster for all involved, but it can also be a germ party. Hundreds of kids, mixing together, talking, eating. Perhaps hands aren’t being washed, things are being dropped on the floor, someone is crawling on the floor. It’s an alarming but inevitable fact, colds are coming.

Kids go to school, they get sick, they come home, everyone else gets sick. There are several steps parents can take to fend off this coming onslaught. One of them is to take your vitamins, specifically Vitamin C. 

emergen cEmergen- C is a vitamin packed powder that you combine with water. It gives you a large dose of Vitamin C and B. I found a free sample offer that will allow you give this product a try. All you have to go is fill out some personal information and they will mail you a sample pack. Give it a try, if you like it grab some more. Hurry, cold season is not too far off. 

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