Pay Yourself $50 Bucks to Sign Your Next Phone Contract

I enjoy a good deal and the odds are pretty high that if you have come to this site, you do as well. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that you didn’t get the best price on something after you already bought it. This is one of the reasons why I always take my time when making a big purchase or financial decisions. The other day my buddy Joe asked me if I had bit the bullet and bought the computer that I have been looking for. When I told him no, he said sarcastically “Of course not, its only been two weeks.” And it’s true. I like to take my time, but in the end that’s how you find the best deals.

One such deal that you might not be aware of comes from our friends at BigCrumbs. For those of you who might not be familiar with it, BigCrumbs is a referral site. They receive money whenever they refer you to a participating site and you make a purchase. The great thing about them is that they split the referral fee with their members. This allows you to save even more money on items that you were probably going to buy anyway.  I have used this site 6 or 7 times now and it has worked out just as advertised. 

Recently I made the decision to cut the cost of my cell phone bill and I have been on the hunt ever since. contractSigning a two year contract is a big commitment. You should use that as leverage to get the best deal possible. During my research, I decided to see if I could use BigCrumbs to get cash back on the purchase of a new phone. As I was searching around the site I decided to enter the names of the big four wireless carriers into the search box. What I discovered was very interesting.

Each company offers a different deal and depending what you are looking for, the rewards can be very high. Here are a few that I have selected as the most interesting:

Verizon: You can get $50 off select devices, this includes the Samsung Galaxy S3, this means you can have that phone for $49.99. It used to sell for $199.

AT&T: You can get $31.50 cash back when you sign up for a new two year contract or you can get a Galaxy S3 for $29.99

Sprint: If you buy a phone from Sears and sign a new 2 year contract, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S4(not the 3) for $139.99, that is a 60 dollars savings. Or you can get $56 cash back when you sign a new contract through the Sprint site.

T-Mobile: You can get $52.50 cash back when you join their service, no contract required.  

These are just a few of the deals that BigCrumbs offers. If you are planning on signing a new contract and getting a new phone anyway, why not use their site to get a few more bucks back in your pocket? Please keep in mind that some of these deals are only valid if you are switching carriers. If you contact BigCrumbs they will help you figure out which deals will work for you. 

It’s certainly worth a look, there is nothing worse than leaving money on the table. Click on over to BigCrumbs and check out their offerings. I know I will.

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