A Free Ice Tea For Me?

Yesterday morning shortly after I woke up and got my day started, I received a notification on my phone. It was from my Hess app offering me a free bottle of GoldPeak Iced Tea. No strings attached, all I had to do was go over to my local gas station and pick it up. Now I check the Hess app about once a week and the offers are always very good, but this was the first time I saw something that was totally free. 

I had some errands to run and as luck would have it one of them was to fill up my gas tank.Ice tea With that in mind, I made a point to include my local Hess station on my route. I stopped in, showed my app screen and I walked out with a free ice tea. It was pretty sweet. 

I gassed up my car, making sure to pay with my Discovercard so I could get 5% off the purchase. Another great things about Hess, they don’t charge you extra if you use a credit card. 

Then I went home and drank my Free iced tea with my lunch, proud of my thriftiness. I’ve recommended it before, the Hess app, give it a try. 

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