My $90 a Night Stay in Rome

The third leg of our Honeymoon brought us to Rome. As I have mentioned before I utilized credit card rewards to cut the cost of our trip in half. It began in Paris, then we flew to Venice, and from Venice we boarded a train and headed to Rome. Once we arrived we made our way over to theBettoja Mediterraneo Hotel“.

For this location I used my “Travelocity American Express” card reward points. This card rewards you with 5000 points for your first purchase and another 5000 if you spend 1000 dollars in the first 3 months. To add to that bonus I used this card to book out flights. You earn 3 points for every dollar you spend at the “Travelocity” website. When all was said and done we had 20,000 points to use towards our trip. This knocked the  cost of our stay from $579 dollars down to $179.

I selected the “Bettoja Mediterraneo” because of its strong reviews on the Travelocity website and its close proximity to the train station. I would later come to regret this decision. The “Roma Terminal” is not a very nice place. The economy in Italy is not very good right now, and I noticed a large number of men just hanging around the station. Walking through the terminal with our luggage made “the Bride” and I a little uneasy. What at first seemed like a positive for this hotel unfortunately ended up being a negative.

The hotel itself was nice enough, but it was easily my least favorite of the four that we stayed at. Our luxurious accommodations at our previous stays had made the Bride and I jaded.Bett bed The Bettoja is an older hotel, most of the place has a 1950’s feel. We stayed on the 6th floor, the room was very large, but I couldn’t help but feel like the place was in need of renovating. That’s not to say that any thing was neglected or run down, everything just felt old. It’s like visiting your grandparents place. Their couch is nice and they keep it clean, but its ancient.

The staff was friendly enough, but not very helpful. The handle to our shower came off in my hand, it took them over an hour to get someone up there. When we asked to move our check out back an hour, they said no. I don’t often ask for late check outs, but I have never had a hotel tell me no before.

Our favorite part about our stay here was the free breakfast. At all of our other hotels you had to pay for breakfast and it was very expensive. The fact they offered it for free was a huge bonus. Not only that, but the food was very good. “The Bride” and enjoy a nice big breakfast and headed out to see everything that Rome had to offer.

Aside from the undesirable proximity to the train this hotel is in a pretty good location. Rome is a very large city, but we were able to walk to many of the places we visited. The surrounding restaurants were very good as well.

Bett viewAs our night set on our final evening at the Bettoja, I took a few minutes to enjoyed the view from our room. The hotel had an old charm to it and we got an excellent deal, but as our last few hours there ticked away I was anxious to check out. The next day we would be staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Rome. The Bettoja was good enough, but I don’t think I would stay there again if I ever came back.

Rewards Rating – B+

Hotel Rating – C+

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