Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Bissinger’s Hand Crafted Chocolate

I am a big fan of chocolate, I like chocolate milk, I like chocolate bars, and I really like that mini-peanut buttercups thats Trader Joe’s sells. Unfortunately I get a little carried away, I over indulge. It’s not that I eat too much, its that I have the same candy day after day. I burn out on my favorite sweets and lose my taste for them.

I am sure we all do this from time to time and thats when you have to change it up, try new things. If you live outside of Missouri than there’s a good chance you have never tried any of Bissinger’s delicious chocolates. bissingersTheir luxury confections have rich history that traces their roots back to France over 350 years ago. They have passed down this craft from generation to generation and brought it to America back in the 1850’s.

They used the best ingredients to create some truly delightful offerings. This is luxury chocolate at its best. A nice gift to a loved one or yourself, splurge, enjoy chocolate made from the best ingredients created by true master chocolatiers. 

rain forest barFor me I would like to try the “Milk Chocolate Rainforest Bar” made from “Rainforest Alliance” certified cocoa and African cocoa beans. That sounds pretty good to me. Perhaps the Bride and I will place an order on their website. I suggest you do the same. Support American chocolatiers, support small business. 

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