Shrinking Your Cell Phone Bill

My phone bill is $104.98 a month. That adds up to a few cents shy of $1260.00 a year. For some people that’s either one mortgage payment or four car payments! When I first got a smart phone I was willing to tolerate such a high bill because it was new technology and they gave me these great new phones.  That time has passed, now it’s time to shrink that bill. If I can knock even 20 dollars off my bill it will be a yearly savings of $240.00. That is money on the table just waiting to be grabbed.

Right now my current plan offers me 450 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited 3G data for my iPhone 4s. I called my current carrier and I use between 200-300 megabytes of data. I think a 2GB data plan with unlimited talk and text should serve me just fine. I called each of the largest four carriers and priced out plans meeting those requirements. This is what I found.

Verizon - Is the largest vz logonetwork in America and it has the most customers. They rate at the top of most customer service satisfaction surveys.

  • They offer a share everything plan – Unlimited Text and Talk which will cost you $40 a month and them you have to add the data to it. For 2gb of data it will cost you $60 for a grand total for $100 a month. If you add all of that taxes that is more than I am paying right now.

AT&T -  Is the attnumber two carrier and has a pretty good reputation going back to landline days. 

  • They offer a mobile share plan – Unlimited voice, text and 1gb of data for $85 a month and $10 a month for an extra gb if you go over. This isn’t much better then my current plan or the Verizon plan.

T-Mobile - Thesetmobile guys are shaking things up, no contracts, the only one of the big four that doesn’t require this. 

  • They will give you unlimited talk, text, and 2.5gb of data for $60.00 a month. Sounds great , but no contract means that you have to pay full price for the phone.
  • Add $25-$27 a month for the first 2 years of your enrollment. If you can bring your old phone over or if you get a cheaper model of phone this might be for you.
  • In my case my current phone won’t work on their network, so for me the monthly cost would be about $87 a month plus taxes. No dice.

Sprint - Has sprintexpanded its network in recent years and rents it out to smaller carriers like Virgin Mobile and Cricket. 

  • Unlimited talk and text will cost $50 and a 1gb data plan will cost $20, if you go over it will cost you $15 per gb over. Monthly bill $70 a month. 

Right now I am leaning towards Sprint, knocking $30 a month or $350 a year is certainly an enticing deal. I have an e-mail out to my current cell phone carrier to see if they can match the Sprint deal. Either way I am looking at saving hundreds of dollars a year and all it took was a few phone calls and chats with a few customer service reps. I will report back with my decision as soon as I hear back from my cell phone company.

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