Would You Like a FREE Soda the Next Time You Go to the Movies?

I joined the “Regal Crown Club” a few months ago and the rewards have been slowly trickling in since.Cherry Coke First it was a free small popcorn, this week it was a free small soda. A “small” soda that is the size of a small barrel. I’ve come to the conclusion that at the movies the small size no longer exists, it’s now large, larger, and jumbo size. 

As I’ve mentioned before the Regal Crown Club is a free rewards program offered by Regal Cinemas. You present the card when you pay and you can earn regal points at the box office and concession stands. You can earn up to 20 points per day(a dollar a point). Since movie tickets are super pricey where I live and I usually take the Bride I almost always earn the max.

Once you earn enough points to win a prize the box office attendant prints and hands you a ticket for a free item. In the case of my free popcorn and later soda, I just walked up to the concession stand, handed them the ticket, and they gave me my free item. 

Rewards scheduleThe rewards come in 50 point increments. If you max out on daily points like I do it works out to one reward every 3 visits. I am half way to my free movie ticket, which in my opinion is the best of the rewards because it is the highest priced.

My experience with the “Regal Crown Club” has been excellent. I am getting rewards for doing something that I was going to do anyway. If you go tot he movies at least once a month and bring someone you should earn about 4 rewards a year. In my experience this has been right on target. Best of all its free to join.

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