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Last year, almost to the day, wigwam logoI wrote an article about Sheboygan Wisconsin sock makers Wigwam Socks. They make durable quality socks that focus on the shape of the foot and materials that will prove you with comfort and breathability.  Wigwam has an excellent reputation and with a little searching you can find some at a good price. 

Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is and bought a few pairs, 36 to be exact. The Bride and I are moving into a new apartment next month and I decided to clean house on my sock draw. Over the years I have bought pairs of sock here and there as needed. The result has been a confusing mess of different shapes and brands. Every laundry day I am forced to play an annoying matching game where I have to lay out all of my socks and find the matching pairs. I probably waste an hour a month doing this. 

Not anymore, now I have two types of socks. I have 24 pairs of low cuts and 12 pairs quarter cuts. What once took an hour to match will now take a few minutes. 

I bought my Wigwam socks at I clicked through a few sites and found that they offered the best prices. The retail price for my 36 pairs of socks would have been $121.94, the site discounted that down to $97.54 and offered 10% off with coupon code “save10″ on orders over $57.95.  When all was said and done I paid  $87.97 for my order, free shipping, no tax. That’s about $2.44 per pair of socks. 

Could I have found low quality imported socks for less? Probably, but to me its just not worth it. I would rather have better made socks and support my fellow American workers. These guys have been making socks for over 100 years, they know what they’re doing. 

Now I have a pair of socks for everyday of the month and 6 left over. My old socks are out and my new Wigwam Socks are on there way. 

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