How I Stayed In a Hotel that Was Once a Palace When I Visited Venice

I recently went on my honeymoon and I used credit card reward points to cut the cost of that trip nearly in half. It’s one thing to get a great deal, but if it doesn’t live up to the hype then what’s the point. I want to show you what you’re actually getting with rewards like these. Our honeymoon went from Paris to Venice and then Rome. The Paris portion of the trip was excellent, almost no complaints. I now want to focus on the two nights we spent in the amazing city of Venice.

We stayed in the Boscolo Veniza and Boscolowe used our Marriot Rewards points to help pay for the stay. Marriot owns the Boscolo chain,  which is great because we couldn’t even use our Hilton of Hyatt point here since neither of those companies own hotels in the city of Venice. Something to keep in mind before you plan any trip, can you use your rewards where you want to. Fortunately for us, we had our 50,000 Marriot reward points that we earned with our Marriot Rewards Premiere Vis Signature CardYou earn the points after you enroll and spend $1000 in the first three months. With all of our wedding expenses coming in this was quite easy.

The Boscolo was once a noble family’s home during the 16th century, it has lavishly decorated rooms and the largest private garden in Venice. The cost of a stay there will normally run between $400-$700 dollars a night.  With our points we knocked that down to $125 a night.

You can’t talk about the hotel stay without first describing Venice it self, in one word magical. The roads are all beautiful blue water, you walk along these winding stone paths that meander past all of these beautiful restaurants  and shops. You travel over bridges filled with gondolas and through little alley cut throughs. The city is unlike any I have ever seen. It was the safest of the three places we visited and my personal favorite. I told the Bride that if I could find a job there I would have gladly stayed. 

As the two of us made our way through Venice we eventually came to our hotel, the Boscolo Venizia. It sits right on a canal with a bright red awning and a welcoming entranceway. The exterior of the hotel is postcard perfect. When we would come back at night and everything was quiet, it felt like a dream.

The staff at the Boscolo was courteous and very helpful. They offered us a discount on the continental breakfast which was so delicious that we had it both mornings. The breakfast is served under a large tent in the garden. The selection and quality of the food was excellent. After we had our breakfast we walked thorough the hotel garden, it has all of these little paths that travel through small caves and grottos.

The room itself was very nice. It was a little on the small side, but what it lacked in size it made up with charm. BirdieLittle touches like a canary in the balcony across the way. In Venice every morning people would take their pet birds and place thier cages on the window sill. We would wake up and hear that little guy signing his heart out. We really enjoyed it.

The Boscolo also provided us with a free shuttle to various locations in Venice. We used it in the morning to visits the glass factories on the neighboring island of Murano and then took it to Saint Mark’s Square. st. Mark'sIn the square the pigeons are so friendly that if you hold out your arms they will land on them. My Bride is a huge bird lover, she couldn’t get enough of them and said it was her favorite part of the trip. The Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, the Louvre, what was her favorite part, the birds in Venice. I guess it’s true that the best things in life are free. The pigeons in Venice are like all of the others around the globe, they won’t charge you to feed them. 

Our two days in Venice few by so quickly. Our biggest regret of the trip was not spending an extra day there. The city was amazing and so was our hotel. We got to enjoy 5 start luxury for $125 a night thats to our Marriot Visa Card. I highly recommend visiting Venice, staying at the Boscolo Veniza, and using Marriott rewards to get yourself a fantastic deal. In Venice we boarded a train and headed to Rome.

Rewards Rating: A -

Hotel Rating: A -

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