Find Your Discounts

You have probably have discounts. You might not even be aware of them. dollarAre you a student? A senior? A member of the military? Trust me then, you have hundreds of discounts out there waiting for you. All you have to do is look.

I had a huge discount that I had forgotten about. It was my employee discount. I work for a fairly large company, they do business with a lot of other organizations and as a perk those companies give employees of my company discounts. Some of them aren’t very impressive, I could probably find better deals myself online. A few of them are however quite good, like the 20% off of my Verizon wireless bill. I discovered it while I was researching various cell phone plan options for one of my upcoming articles. How did I miss that one? 

Chances are you are missing a couple yourself. Do you work for a large company? Ask your HR department about employee discounts and perks. You might be surprised at what you find. Are you a member of a large club or group like AARP or AAA? Call them up and ask about their discounts. A large number of travel destinations offer triple A members discounts on their visits. Check them out, it might be worth it to join.

Another approach might be to call your favorite places and vendors and ask them what their best discounts are? Do you have a favorite vacation spot, a place you visit almost ever year? Call them. Perhaps if they see that you are looking for a discount they might just offer you one out right. Or they may have a customer loyalty program that you can join. Since I joined the “Regal Crown Club” I have earned a free popcorn and a free soda, for buying movie tickets that I would have bought anyway. 

Discounts are everywhere, all you need to do is look for them. 

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