Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Nalgene Water Bottle

This weeks products was actually given to me as a gift. Two weeks ago my Bride gave me two Nalgene water bottles for my birthday. A large portion of my job is spent outside and the recent heat wave was really starting to take a toll. I often go so involved with work that I forget about things like drinking water and I think I gave myself a mild case of heat exhaustion. She got worried when I told her and bought me those water bottles. The best gift is the one that you know the recipient will use, my wife hit it out of the park on this one. 

Nalgene water bottles are great. nalgeneFrom the instant you hold them in your hand you can tell feel the quality. The cap is threaded for a tight seal, the bottle is made from BPA free plastic, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.  This is a product that you can buy and own for years. It cost around 10 bucks and is made in America.

I’m sure you could find some cheap imported water bottle for less, but is it worth it? What is it made of? Will it last? The honest answer is you just don’t know.  With Nalgene you do. 

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